MACD Bearish Crossover + MFI + Volatility

Using advance MACD bearish crossover screener you can learn which stock is changing its trend to bearish and useful in put Option.

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Use this FII/DII radar bearish stock screener to find out bearish stock in 15 min for swing trading, Intraday and positional learning. So this saves lot of time. Here MACD bearish crossover or MACD cross over is used with Money flow index (MFI) and volatility to scan bearish stock much before it’s crossover so that entry point will be perfect for those who research in Put Option or Future. Money flow gives us idea about demand and supply and volatility indicates how many days are required to reach exit point as using technical analysis you can find exit point much before. As normal cash trader can’t keep position in short side they can use Put option or Future contract to learn. User should do paper trading or virtual trading for 1 month to learn how it works to make strategy on their own to learn. For Intraday you can scan and choose bearish stock for next day. Watch if Nifty trend is negative then within 9.15 to 9.30 am user can make a strategy to trade using Jobbers method and this is widely used by working professional as this method is profitable and saves time. In swing strategy user can research how to choose F&O stock for shorting, buying put option or Call option writing and in 3-5 days they can get good returns.

Disclaimer: Technical Analysis charts and tools provided are algorithm based and only for learning and research purpose. Please be aware of risk involved and consult your own financial advisor.