Fresh Breakdown stocks

Using this scanner you can find which stock is forming bottleneck pattern and breakdown is possible.

Write “lot” in search bar to scan F&O stock

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Use this technical break out stocks pattern to find out in which stocks breakdown pattern is forming. Here BN pattern, Momentum indicator and accumulation/distribution indicator is used to find out sudden mismatch in demand and supply. Scanning these stocks you can get to know in which stock a big move will happen. This is very helpful for stock, future or option trader as before it happens you can track and get a big profit. Sometimes due to news stock suddenly move in a unidirectional way. This helps in finding those stocks. Using advance technical analysis you can find out entry point much before. This is very important for stock option trader as this gives multiple times profit. For Intraday you can scan and choose break out stock for next day and within 9.15 to 9.30 am user can make a strategy to get good profit.

Disclaimer: Technical Analysis charts and tools provided are algorithm based and only for learning and research purpose. Please be aware of risk involved and consult your own financial advisor.