Swing trading

Use advance stock scanners or screeners to scan stocks for 10% in swing trading. The best swing trading platform to learn and practice.

User or working professional those who are doing swing trading in cash they can use these scanners. Also swing trading is helpful for stock Option buyer and stock future trader. This scans stock and helps you select stock in 15 minutes for swing trading. Also, this can be used for intraday trading using jobber strategy. For swing trading selecting stock or finding over sold stocks is important and this provides perfect entry point but sometimes stock moves down despite in over sold zone. This you can find out much before using advance technical analysis. These scanners help you to avoid trap and get more safe points. Using this user can research and doing paper trading he/she can get up to 10% return in one month. In below advance screeners different advance indicators are used in algorithm such as Money flow index to find demand and supply, Chaikin volatility to know volatility at particular time and many indicators are used to increase accuracy. In swing trading strategy user should research steadily to learn how to choose stock, find low entry and in 3-5 days they can get good returns.

Disclaimer: Technical Analysis charts and tools provided are algorithm based and only for learning and research purpose. Please be aware of risk involved and consult your own financial advisor.