Stock screener

Free Screen Bullish, Bearish, Break out/Break down stocks according to the technical pattern for Swing trading and short term positional trading. Screening is based on 1 Day chart or End of Day(EOD) and updated daily after 7 pm.

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OHLC Screener

Use different stock screener or stock scanners to scan stocks independently according to the technical pattern formed such as birth point, death point, break out, cross over, over bought and oversold position. This is very useful for working professional in intraday and swing trading strategy as in just 15 minute they can scan and find which technical pattern is formed in which stock to learn and then using advance technical analysis they can analyze trend. Stock screener also shows advance technical EOD chart in one place to analyze trend for next day. Advance stock screener uses algorithm to identify different technical pattern formed and more importantly it identifies before its formation. This reduces time, alerts you much before and helps in learning and becoming independent as knowledge remains with you lifelong.

Disclaimer: Technical Analysis charts and tools provided are algorithm based and only for learning and research purpose. Please be aware of risk involved and consult your own financial advisor.