Stock Screener

Screening is based on 1 Day chart or End of Day(EOD) and updated daily after 7 pm.Save your time by using below FREE advance screeners to find stocks forming Break out/Break down technical pattern, stocks in over sold/overbought position, stocks forming big bullish(open=low) or bearish(Open=high) candle, stocks where FII and DII are entering, stocks forming Golden cross/Death cross pattern in 1 seconds.

Use our Intraday Live Stock Screener

Every day use the screener and view their technical charts to learn and choose best opportunities in swing or short term (2-10 days) positional trading. This is useful for new trader to learn quickly as they can watch tutorial video and implement that strategy using screener to learn quickly. Do paper or virtual trading without using money for 1 month to learn the concept how market works practically. In case any doubt feel free to ask doubt. (Call/Whatsapp- 9438303996).