Fresh Breakdown stocks

This scanner scans sudden increase in supply in any stock or stocks forming Bearish Bottle neck pattern. In this type of pattern 3 big candle is formed in downward, so scan every day to get fresh starting of breakdown stocks to get good entry point. Practice Virtually for 1 month to learn.

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This screener scans all stocks in 1-day chart basis and shows where there is sudden increase in supply which indicates Big investors are selling these stocks. When big investor/ FII and DII sells in any stock generally these type of breakdown pattern is formed. In this bearish bottleneck or breakdown pattern 3 big red candle is formed. So to learn use this screener daily for 1 month to get early alert, know how this pattern works and how to identify where big investors are selling. Here Momentum indicator and accumulation/distribution indicator is used to find out sudden increase in supply. So using this screener you can smartly find where big investors are dumping stocks, just follow them as they drive the market. Learn how you can use this screener in intraday trading- In this type of good breakdown pattern generally 3 red candles are formed. So if you use this screener daily you can find stock with first candle formed and good breakdown pattern is formed then next 2 days it can continue the selling and in intraday use strategies to trade. Try it virtually to learn and remember patience is required to learn.

Disclaimer: Use this screener daily to find technically good pattern stock and trade virtually or without using real money to learn better as involvement of real money influences your emotion and thus your decision. Technical Analysis charts and tools provided are algorithm based and only for learning and research purpose. Please be aware of risk involved and consult your own financial advisor.