OHLC Scanner :

Find stocks which is forming a green or bullish candle in 1-day chart and the open and low of the candle is same (see chart).  This screener scans these type of stock and generally this type of pattern formed when a good positive trend is started. Screener is useful in swing trading entry point. so scan every day to get fresh starting of momentum stocks to get good entry point. Practice Virtually for 1 month to learn.

SymbolCompany nameChange %PriceVolumeLot sizeMarket CapIndustryView Chart
SAKUMASakuma Exports Limited7.928.0039734800Small CapTrading & DistributionSAKUMA
SUNDARMHLDSundaram Finance Holdings Limited5.82276.253680000Small CapFinancial ServicesSUNDARMHLD
BCGBrightcom Group Limited4.959.55306635000Small CapInformation TechnologyBCG
SWANENERGYSwan Energy Limited4.8630.5530727500Small CapRealtySWANENERGY
AGROPHOSAgro Phos India Limited3.3345.052102730Small CapFertilizersAGROPHOS
BALRAMCHINBalrampur Chini Mills Limited3.01388.4515479201600Small CapConsumer goodsBALRAMCHIN
JYOTICNCJyoti CNC Automation2.9885.004319090Mid CapManufacturerJYOTICNC
CHAMBLFERTChambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited2.73405.9535931801900Small CapChemicalsCHAMBLFERT
MTNLMahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited2.1438.2046043800Small CapTelecommunicationMTNL
GREENPANELGreenpanel Industries Limited1.83306.601143790Small CapConsumer DurablesGREENPANEL
BLKASHYAPB. L. Kashyap and Sons Limited1.5867.6010491100Small CapCivil ConstructionBLKASHYAP
BIRLACABLEBirla Cable Limited1.34241.951168120Small CapTelecommunicationBIRLACABLE
BANSWRASBanswara Syntex Limited1.16152.45516030Small CapTextilesBANSWRAS
IDEAFORGEIdea Forge Technologies Ltd1.13700.604711800Small CapEngineeringIDEAFORGE
SAKHTISUGSakthi Sugars Limited0.8933.951688020Small CapSugarSAKHTISUG
DCMDCM Limited0.3473.65124200Small CapDiversifiedDCM
TOKYOPLASTTokyo Plast International Limited0.28105.8095690Small CapPlastic productsTOKYOPLAST
INDIAGLYCOIndia Glycols Limited0.26795.50519250Small CapChemicalsINDIAGLYCO
UTTAMSUGARUttam Sugar Mills Limited0.25326.30484610Small CapSugarUTTAMSUGAR
SAILSteel Authority of India Limited0.12169.50295136008000Mid CapMetals & MiningSAIL
CAPACITECapacit�e Infraprojects Limited0305.256944670Small CapCivil ConstructionCAPACITE
OSWALAGROOswal Agro Mills Limited-0.1144.601126830Small CapTrading & DistributionOSWALAGRO
BBTCBombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited-0.161536.55434140Mid CapPackaged FoodBBTC
RANASUGRana Sugars Limited-0.2321.505827510Small CapFMCGRANASUG
NAHARINDUSNahar Industrial Enterprises Limited-0.45120.75594090Small CapTextilesNAHARINDUS
ALKYLAMINEAlkyl Amines Chemicals Limited-0.681960.35259000Mid CapChemicalsALKYLAMINE
BIOFILCHEMBiofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited-0.7566.05315950Small CapPharmaceuticalBIOFILCHEM
DCMNVLDCM Nouvelle Limited-0.85197.65228550Small CapTextilesDCMNVL
JUBLINGREAJubilant Ingrevia Ltd.-1.31508.551973950Small CapChemicalsJUBLINGREA
BRNLBharat Road Network Limited-1.9660.1095080Small CapCivil ConstructionBRNL
MSTCLTDMstc Limited-2.54953.502844090Small CapTrading & DistributionMSTCLTD
PURVAPuravankara Limited-5423.901088900Small CapRealtyPURVA

OHLC Trading strategy is an old strategy but effective one to scan stocks in which there is buying interest. Open =Low screener shows stocks those who have formed Bullish candles with open price equals to low price. This indicates for that day stock price has buying zone and demand is high than supply and follow up buying may arise. Use view chart to analyse in EOD technical chart. So this is useful to learn for short term swing trading. Use technical analysis or your own strategy to know how many days are required to reach exit point. Call/Whatsapp- 9438303996 for doubt clear.

Disclaimer: Use this screener daily to find technically good pattern stock and trade virtually or without using real money to learn better as involvement of real money influences your emotion and thus your decision. Technical Analysis charts and tools provided are algorithm based and only for learning and research purpose. Please be aware of risk involved and consult your own financial advisor.